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Lack of Resolutions
Actually, I do have them, but at the moment I can’t exactly find them, mostly due to computer problems which I’ll get into in a moment.

Writing Accomplishments
I’m happy to say that the new year is going well, at least as far as my humor column is concerned. Five of my six weekly columns so far have gone up each Friday morning as scheduled – one technically got posted a day late on Saturday, but all of the others were posted in advance at least a day or two early. I’ve also got a few upcoming columns already in the can, so I’m kinda excited about being able to keep a schedule on this correctly thus far … it means there are really no reasons why I shouldn’t be able to try a few other projects as my remaining free time allows while still keeping the bread and butter on-time, which is important to me.

Diet & Exercise Accomplishments
I have mixed opinions about this because while I haven’t exactly lost the amount of weight that I would’ve liked to after a month of diet and exercise, so far I’ve been the most successful that I’ve ever been at keeping an exercise regiment and that’s a pretty big deal for me. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve managed to exercise every single week for at least three days a week (except last week), thus blowing my previous records of two and three weeks in a row out of the water! The down side of it is that I’ve only lost about five pounds so far, which bounces between discouraging and frustrating, but I have also done a little better at eating correctly and ultimately I know that this is something that’s going to take time to fix. Hell, if I can lose 5 pounds a month between now and summertime, I’ll be good to go!

Computer Not-So-Much Accomplishments
If anything, this has really been a lousy weekend for computers in my life … really, if it weren’t for the new laptop we bought Sara a few months ago, I’d pretty much just be sitting around twiddling my thumbs right now. Over the last three days, I’ve had two computers die on me:

  • My laptop presumably has a bad connection with the power plug because it randomly thinks that the AC adapter has been disconnected and panics about not having any power. I’m none too handy with a soldering iron, so I’m not really looking forward to opening it up to see if there’s a loose connection or something.
  • My desktop, out of the blue, just up and crashed hard when I tried to plug-in my iPod the other day, and now it won’t even come back on. Well, technically it comes on because I can hear the drives spinning up, but it’s not outputting a video signal anymore which kind of limits its effectiveness. I tried swapping out the monitor today in hopes that somehow it just blew that, but no dice. Next step is to crack the case back open and maybe try another video card or something, that is unless I can visibly see something else that looks bad.

Either way, I’m kinda hosed right now in the computer department. Fortunately all of my documents are stored on a file server in another room and I keep my writing on a flash drive that I carry with me, so all of that is still safe and accessible, but I can’t really do much more than just write on Sara’s laptop and I really have a ton of web work still left to do at this point. It looks like I know how I’m spending my Monday night, and possibly Tuesday and Wednesday… 🙁

Valentine’s Day Getaway!
I’m very excited to get some time with the wife this year, especially because time has been so scarce with school and writing and all lately. Even though actually I think we’ve been doing a little better at getting some us time in the evenings when she gets home, it’ll still be nice to go someplace without distractions where we can just relax and enjoy each other’s company. I think a couple of days away from all of this could do us some good…

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