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So I’ve kinda been in a real business-oriented frame of mind lately. With the new year right around the corner and all, I’ve been looking at where I currently am with writing after my first official year back on the horse and what the next steps are that I need to take to get where I really want to be, and one of the things that I came across last week that was particularly inspiring towards those efforts was this new web series that Penny Arcade is putting out that goes behind the scenes of their business to show what their office environment is like, what goes into their big projects like PAX and (eventually) Child’s Play, and also just a lot of insight into their views about being creative professionals.

It’s stuff like this and also everything that the Halfpixel guys did over the last year or two with Webcomics Weekly that I think have been really beneficial to me both from a creative standpoint as well as an inspirational standpoint because ultimately, these guys represent where I want to be. The majority of them are working full-time on their creative efforts making a decent living in the process, and even more so in the case of the Penny Arcade guys, their success has really just been staggering. I mean, I don’t necessarily have any desire to host a convention that attracts 60,000 people, although the charity that raises over a million dollars a year to help sick kids would be pretty cool. It’s still a huge goal that I’ve got a long ways to go towards, but at the same time it’s somewhat refreshing to hear the tales of at least a few people who are already making it happen.

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