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  • 08:33 Woke up relieved to find mysterious WordPress changes across multiple sites reversed. My hosting can be weird sometimes… #
  • 09:07 Convertible Drivers – I repeat, it is NOT acceptible to drive around with your top down, but your windows up. You look ridiculous. #
  • 09:08 I don’t care if "it helps to keep in the AC" – you’re ruining the cool factor for all convertibles everywhere when you do this! #
  • 09:09 Make a choice – either crank the AC and live with it, or put the top back up. Besides, you didn’t buy that car for its AC anyways… #
  • 10:12 Under ObamaCare, picketing-related injuries are explicitly NOT covered
    . #obamacarefacts #
  • 19:19 twitpic.com/eivfw – Beginning… #
  • 19:25 twitpic.com/eiwde – …middle… #
  • 19:57 twitpic.com/ej19e – …end! #

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