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August 22, 2009 4:48am
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  • 02:07 LOL at @patricknorton and @veronica on @tekzilla – will always miss The Screen Savers, but Tekzilla is most certainly a worthy replacement! #
  • 10:20 Hey – Weird Al’s latest album is coming out on my birthday! Now isn’t THAT convenient… (tinyurl.com/mj48vv) #
  • 10:34 I think I want to watch Office Space tonight. #
  • 11:51 Minute Maid != Tropicana #ojafficionado #thejuicenotthejuice #
  • 12:28 How is Firefox on version 3.5.2 and still such a resource hog?! 80% CPU for five static browser tabs??? #
  • 12:29 Or is
    it just a lousy browser for older PCs at this point? What happened?! I USED TO love Firefox… #firefoxdownhill #losingbrowserwars #
  • 15:36 Hell yes! RT @TheRouse New episodes of the Acquisitions Inc #dnd #pennyarcade podcast start 8/28 featuring @pvponline @TychoBrahe @cwgabriel #
  • 19:44 Brewing up a yummy batch of teriyaki chicken, eggrolls, and cream cheese wontons – thanks, Wal-Mart freezer section! #

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