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  • 00:38 Remind me again why the guy who HATES spiders is sitting here watching Arachnophobia??? #
  • 00:47 Why does the guy who’s most afraid of spiders give them every possible opportunity to jump down on his FACE?! #
  • 00:49 What’s worse than a pissed off spider queen? A pissed off spider queen who’s ON FIRE! #
  • 02:18 Ladies, tell me – vibrating mascara brush … "innovative" or "scary as hell"? #
  • 16:28 Soup for lunch seemed like a lot better idea BEFORE I realized that it’s still summertime here in Florida… #
  • 16:53 This is hilari
    ous – "Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About" (www.mil-millington.com) #
  • 19:46 You can tell that I don’t eat at McDonalds much – girl asked if I wanted my combo "large." My response: "Um, whatever the normal size is…" #
  • 19:51 Second Window Girl practically threw my order out the window, including a soda that was all wet on the lid. Zephyrhills’ McDonalds sucks. #
  • 21:07 Does Wal-Mart just not realize that their plain "Great Value" branding all over the store looks really boring and unattractive? #
  • 22:34 Acceptable Places to Get Stranded In: a DiGiorno Pizza factory #str
    anded #bringiton #yummy #
  • 22:41 Alright … Angela from The Office is way too NOT PERKY to be doing hair care commercials! #

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