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September 14, 2009 12:01am
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  • 00:58 My neighborhood smells like eggs. Why does my neighborhood smell like eggs??? #
  • 14:56 Wow – the new commercial makes Kraft Philly Cream Cheese look so FUN!!! I feel like playing croquet now… #
  • 19:12 Fancy Feast Appetizers – for when your cat deserves to eat better than you do. #
  • 19:14 Lord of the Rings marathon in HD on TNT = Scott spending a lazy Sunday lounging in front of the TV, and really, I’m ok with that. #
  • 19:17 "Throw it in the FIRE!!!" #lotr #hd #tnt #abc123 #
  • 19:21 "Give me your hand! Oh, gross – not THAT one. Gi
    ve me your OTHER hand!" #
  • 19:26 Hobbit Snuggle!!! (part 1 of many) #
  • 19:34 Alright, guys – cue the gay, hobbit laughs and keep ’em coming! #
  • 19:39 It’s good to be the king … especially when your true love sacrifices immortality to be with you! #
  • 20:04 God damn – my car registration went up from $65 to $100 this year?! Way to fuck the residents to balance the budget, State of Florida! #
  • 20:08 And in the end, Sam found himself a really hot hobbit wife. The end. #
  • 20:35 Going to Wal-Mart – pretty e
    xcited about the trip. #sarcasm #notreally #godletmebebackbeforedawn #
  • 22:24 Trying my epic 5-mile cross-suburban exercise gauntlet twice in a row this weekend – expecting putty legs tomorrow as a result. #

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