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  • 12:03 Starting to track my diet/exercise via SparkPeople again today. It’s a pain, but I’m not seeing results and I know this helped before… #
  • 14:44 Man, Bright House’s IVR is being cranky today – I guess they don’t want our payment too bad… #
  • 15:30 Would it really kill companies to check and see what I’m already using from them before trying to upsell me? (RE: Dell Paperless Statements) #
  • 23:47 I’ve got to say, as far as sci-fi thriller movies are concerned, Cloverfield ain’t got nothing on Cleavagefield. Run, ladies, run!!! #
  • 23:57 P.S. It’s on Cinemax right now, for those intrigued. Have a porn-o-rific evening! #

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