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  • 00:12 My wife is having a midnight snack of a bread sandwich, that being a slice of bread between two other slices of bread. We need groceries… #
  • 08:13 It’s amusing, but also annoying to see who auto-followed me at random and try to guess which tweet of mine triggered their follow script… #
  • 08:15 Latest keywords appear to be "wife", "sandwich", and "I’m a sucker for Twitter marketing schemes." #
  • 10:30 @edeckers LOL – maybe it’s a force of habit, but I’ve ALWAYS put two spaces after punctuation. I barely used typewriters, either… #
  • 18:46 To go workout, or to skip it again in favor of going straight home to build new computer … the tough decision that plagues me this evening #
  • 19:19 gym won, on account of geek fun trumped by tired of being fat #
  • 19:31 All that, and the gym is COMPLETELY PACKED – not a free machine in sight. Damn it… #
  • 20:29 One bonus for exercising out of doors instead of in the gym – very pretty stars tonight. #
  • 20:30 Nonetheless, legs VERY sore from walking/almost running outside. Pavement is much more demanding than elliptical! #
  • 21:01 Damn, if these new plunger-style heat sink pins aren’t a bitch to attach! #
  • 21:07 Please join me for the ceremonial crossing of the fingers… #
  • 21:22 Oh no – didn’t even realize that old video card isn’t compatible with new motherboard! Crapsticks. #
  • 21:30 Shoot – no place local that can sell me a decent video card without costing a fortune. It looks like I might be waiting ’til next week… #
  • 22:31 At Papa Johns, small talk about pizza while it bakes – it’s neat to meet people who actually enjoy what they do for a living. #
  • 23:21 New video card ordered (tinyurl.com/cx58mj) – here’s hoping for quick shipping! #
  • 23:58 Sometimes after a long and stressful day, a guy just needs to drown his sorrows in pepperoni… (tinyurl.com/c7wsvk) #

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