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May 28, 2009 12:09am
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  • 10:21 @rickiep00h SPIDER-FLU – RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! #
  • 12:23 Poor, perverted headline choice, TBO – "Shark tugs man off…" (tinyurl.com/onzv4x) #
  • 12:24 This just turned into one sexy shark attack! #
  • 15:28 Rule of the Road: If you get honked at for not seeing the traffic light change, you don’t get to honk back. Just pay attention next time! #
  • 17:23 RT @RealShamu: Animal roughly 1,000 times scarier than its name: the coconut crab. twitpic.com/62fvw #
  • 17:54 Just saw a guy in a business suit get out of his car and stop traffic to help a turtle cross the road. It was actually kind of endearing… #
  • 20:49 Why do applications feel the need to add all sorts of sub-folders to My Documents upon installation? They’re *MY* documents – keep out!!! #
  • 21:52 Out for my walk and just passed an alligator removal truck … can’t say that I’m not at least A LITTLE concerned about that at the moment. #
  • 21:54 REALLY hope that he finds what he’s looking for before I do… #
  • 00:01 Rules of Manhood: Never turn anything on by hand for which you have a remote. #

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