Disney Discount Distress

You know, call me a cynic, but it always seems to rub me the wrong way when Disney puts out a special offer for discounts, only to be followed by twenty lines of legalese regarding what the offer isn’t applicable to:

Here’s a thought – how’s about you just list the places where I can use the discount and we’ll call it a day?! It’s probably a shorter list, anyways…

And another thing! I get why the discount may not be applicable at locations on property that aren’t technically owned by Disney (i.e. most of the specialty stores at Downtown Disney), but what really burns me is the list of all of their own merchandise that they’re also unwilling to discount. Videos, DVDs, CDs, magazines, film, “other collectibles” … I’ll even give you a Not applicable for park admission, gift certificates, or Disney Dollars clause, but the other stuff? I’d love to hear the logic behind those because it honestly makes me not care about this promotion if I have to think about every purchase and whether it’s on the list or not.

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