November 11, 2009 11:22pm
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So a bit of a follow-up to my SuperCuts fiasco from over the weekend…

I stopped by my preferred location today before lunch and got a little additional information on the scenario that had transpired last Friday. It sounds like it truly was just a couple of bad eggs that I had encountered, as I was told that SuperCuts’ policy is to accept every customer that walks through the door right up until the posted closing time, even if they show up at 7:59pm. And while I certainly wouldn’t have used such a policy to be a dick and purposely show up at the very last minute, it still would’ve been nice for the unknowing customer like myself to not have his time wasted by being turned away.

All in all, the girls at my regular SuperCuts were very apologetic about the situation, citing that actually another customer that same day had also complained about rude behavior from that same store, so it sounds like the company has some issues to address with this fairly new location of theirs. Nonetheless, they were also sure to insist that I was more than welcome at their own location, so for now I suppose I’ll just continue going slightly out of my way to patronize the store that appreciates my doing so.

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