tentative schedule for Thursday

June 10, 2009 11:56pm

7:45am – get up
8:30am – go to work
1:00pm – hopefully eat lunch on-time
6:00pm – leave work
7:30pm – actually leave work
8:30pm – figure out something to eat for dinner
9:45pm – play video games instead of packing
10:50pm – regret playing video games instead of packing
10:55pm – actually start packing
11:00pm – finish packing
11:15pm – figure out directions, reservations, other junk for trip
12:00am – go to bed
12:45am – actually fall asleep
3:00am – begrudgingly get up and drive to airport
4:30am – get hustled by security after making airport jokes that TSA never finds funny
6:00am – plane fly to distant land place thingy
10:30am – land in Minnesota, begin Friday

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