White Castle – a New First
Sara couldn’t believe me when I told her that I had never eaten at a White Castle before, so when we actually came across this one somewhere in southern Ohio, it seemed like a dinner of destiny…

…with a guest appearance by my book, which we’ll talk about in a minute!

As for the food itself, it wasn’t bad and I’d definitely probably eat there again. I mean, it wasn’t fantastic and it’s very clear why it’s stoner food, but aside from that, it was decent and provided us with the required sustinence to push on to our hotel room awaiting us at the other end of the state. Admittedly I did have a bit of a curve ball to contend with because instead of just going with one of their simple here’s a bunch of tiny burgers packages, I wanted to try one of each of their “specialty sliders,” which was a pain to order, but yummy nonetheless.

Christmas on a Whim
So it was our final descent into Northern Michigan, which was still about a 5 hour drive from Ohio, and I was racking my brain trying to think of someplace cool to stop along the way. We didn’t have a ton of time to kill like we had spent in Atlanta, but still, someplace a little nicer than a gas station to get out and stretch would be nice to help break up the drive. Sara was sleeping, I was driving, and then I began starting to see the signs…

Now I can’t even remember the last time I’ve been to Bronner’s, but we’ve both spent a lot of money at the Christmas store at Downtown Disney, so I thought it might be fun to “stop and poke around for a few minutes.” Roughly an hour and a half later, Sara managed to drag me out of there powered solely by her impending appetite, and even then I don’t think we actually saw the entire store! Food ornaments, candy ornaments, animal ornaments, ornaments shaped like cruise ships, deer blinds (dead serious), flip-flops, King Tut, an alligator in a tutu … I didn’t take nearly enough pictures, mainly because I got stuck carrying our basket and I was afraid of breaking stuff, but the place was incredible. They even sent us a catalog in the mail here at home recently, so unless we’re looking for ornaments with Mickey on ’em, there’s really no reason to search any further!

Next Up: home is where all of my old toys are…

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