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March 24, 2010 12:24am
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Sara and I used to go to the theater all the time, however not for nothing, but a little thing called nursing school really kicked the crap out of that little pasttime of ours! Fortunately, though, our schedules have finally started syncing up a little more as of late, so we’ve been slipping away at two hour intervals more and more.

Here’s a quick review of everything that I can remember from our recent theatrical renaissance…

She’s Out of My League
Absolutely hilarious – by far one of my top 5 favorite comedies in the last couple of years. Go. Watch. Now.

Valentine’s Day
Not great, but not horrible. Guys, you’ll live if your S.O. insists on your taking her to see this one…

Cop Out
Surprisingly funny – it’s got a unique mix of actors, but it was fun to watch and it looks like it was probably fun to make.

When In Rome
Probably the cheesiest out of this entire list, but … well … yeah – that’s about it. Least favorite of this list.

It’s Complicated
Awkward funny, but Alec Baldwin seems to be the king of that lately. Not bad.

Sherlock Holmes
Although I was hoping for a Wild Wild West-style “action movie” that was more comedy/slapstick than action, but Robert Downey, Jr. definitely made the lead role enjoyable. Curious to see if they’ll taking advantage of the huge gaping hole that they left open for a sequel at the end, though…

And a few more that I’m looking forward to here in the near future:

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