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February 20, 2010 12:02am
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  • 09:20 New Humor Column : The Friendly Skies Are Full of Jerks bit.ly/bvSyr6 #
  • 12:47 Today’s column was inspired by the debacle that @southwestair put @thatkevinsmith and others through recently… (bit.ly/bvSyr6) #
  • 12:48 Seriously, it was either A) start my own airline, or B) learn to enjoy walking across the country … which do you think is more likely? #
  • 12:49 Really, it’s a win-win (win-win-win)-travelers can start feeling like valued customers again, and I get all of the credit for suggesting it! #
  • 12:50 I’m not too worried about the name – I’ve got a
    feeling that Don’t Be a Dick Airlines is something that @wilw would TOTALLY get behind! #
  • 12:51 Maybe he’d even want to be a pilot! How cool would it be to fly on a plane with Wil Fucking Wheaton as your pilot?! #
  • 12:52 "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking. I’m seeing a bit of turbulence ahead – please roll for initiative." #
  • 12:55 Friendly skies, free candy, and experience points – all just for flying Don’t Be a Dick Airlines. Marketing – DONE!!! #
  • 15:50 What do you think? Would your wife be pissed or amazed to come home and find this??? (tinyurl.com/36qj7f) #
  • 17:48 @greggagliardi Did you watch the video? I think if you can finish it, YOU get to be the mayor! #

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