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  • 12:15 @thatkevinsmith We went Sat. night to a packed theater that roared for Tracy’s lines! He made this movie. #CopOut #
  • 12:17 @thatkevinsmith The movie montage at the beginning was the best – I knew it was a Kevin Smith flick when Willis drew on the glass… #CopOut #
  • 16:46 @Cowkitty I swear, those things are like rats around here … and forget about it if you find one standing in the middle of the road! #
  • 19:36 Pet Peeve: When somebody tries to make a right turn around me at a stop light where there isn’t actually an extra lane for that… #
  • 19:39 Bonus Pet Peeve: People who then get pissed when there’s not enough room to do so because of *my car* being in its own lane… #

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