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  • 00:45 Saw She’s Out of My League this evening – hilarious movie! This could be the Superbad or Forgetting Sarah Marshall of 2010 – go see now! #
  • 03:00 Let us band together and resist Daylight Savings Time, my friends! They can’t take an hour from ALL of us … can they??? #
  • 03:01 Duct tape your clocks, lose your watches, don’t look at that little clock on your phone – together, we can put an end to this blatant theft! #
  • 03:07 So here we are – 2:06am on a Sunday night … how we doing with the DST Resistance so far, my fellow time warriors? #
  • 03:42 At 2:39am, it is time for slumber, but rest well, my anti-DST friends, for
    we’ve only 237 more days until this madness is all behind us… #
  • 03:43 Keep up the good fight, and don’t let ’em steal yer hours ’til yer good and dead!!! #dstsucks #
  • 18:12 Getting a little pissed that randomly Verizon doesn’t let me post pictures from my phone via e-mail anymore… #
  • 18:42 Anybody else with Verizon having problems posting to Facebook via text message this evening??? #
  • 18:45 "An error has occurred – please txt to the number you’ve already been texting to" doesn’t really help much… #
  • 19:02 twitpic.com/18n3i0
    – Dinner @ Tony’s Town Square (Magic Kingdom) #
  • 22:25 twitpic.com/18o9kp – Like meeting an idol… #
  • 22:28 twitpic.com/18oa84 – And all our wishes will come true… #
  • 22:35 Trying to cross Main Street USA is kinda like playing Frogger, except that Moms with strollers are way more dangerous than semi-trucks. #
  • 23:21 Correction: Bimbo is NOT one of the Seven Dwarves. #

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