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  • 11:50 Looking for a company to come out and spray around our house for bugs, and couldn’t help but laugh at "Do It Yourself Pest Control." #
  • 11:52 I’m sure they probably sell the supplies or something, but I just picture a guy behind a desk who scratches himself, then jeers at me… #
  • 11:53 …for being lazy and not taking care of the problem myself. #
  • 11:53 Pest Guy – "Ya gots SHOES, don’t ya?!" #
  • 11:53 Me – "Well, yes, but I don’t see what that has to do with…" #
  • 11:54 Pest Guy – "Ya just squish ’em, bec
    ause they’re freaking BUGS!!! You lazy kids these days with yer damn internet and wireless blah blah…" #
  • 11:57 Call me lazy, or just afraid of anything with more than four legs, but I’d much prefer "We’ll Do It For You Pest Control" any day… #
  • 16:37 I just discovered that YouTube recommends videos on its homepage based on others you’ve previously watched. Earlier I watched one video… #
  • 16:38 …in relation to my previously-mentioned spider problem, and now apparently YouTube thinks that I’m an eight-legged fanatic! #
  • 16:40 Why else would you recommend that I watch *this* video?! (tinyurl.com/yyo8x5
    ) #
  • 16:45 Damn – maybe I should get some of these to protect me! The best defense is an even creepier offense! (tinyurl.com/29wq4s) #
  • 16:50 One benefit of watching all of these spider videos on YouTube – tons of Terminix ads along the sides! #
  • 16:50 Know your audience – NOBODY looks at creepy spider videos because they LIKE creepy spiders. #
  • 16:56 I guess it could be worse – this guy (@ZackScott) had a mother spider WITH BABIES living in his garage! (tinyurl.com/nnebuq) #
  • 17:06 My ultimate fear
    with this whole "spider problem" of mine… (tinyurl.com/y9ql9gg) (tinyurl.com/y27lzom) #
  • 17:17 @sarawaalkes I’m currently LIVING in a nightmare!!! #spiders #bad #

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