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  • 11:02 Disney Bear Update: Survived the night without any disturbances, although admittedly we did ignore some minor scratching at the door earlier #
  • 11:03 (Bear Update Cont’d) Now all that’s left is to make it to the car alive, but hopefully there will be plenty of kids to act as distractions. #
  • 11:04 (Bear Update Cont’d Some More) Also got a nice bear bag with Mickey’s face on it as a souvenier, so that’s cool. #
  • 11:10 (Bear Update Finale) Signing off for now. Have a magical day, and may all of your Disney Moderate Resort hotel stays be black bear-free! #
  • 14:39 First Rule of Space Invaders – A.B.K. (Always Be Killing) twitpic.com/1qf2t5 #
  • 15:06 Spending the afternoon at DisneyQuest – is it bad that the classic games like Pac-Man and Space Invaders have been the highlight so far? #
  • 17:11 Skeeball!!! twitpic.com/1qgcl7 #
  • 17:55 Enduring Sex in the City 2 previews before Iron Man 2 … this had better be worth it! #
  • 20:39 Iron Man 2 verdict – in no way as great as the first flick, but still entertaining. Don Cheadle picked up as War Machine ok. #
  • 20:40 They do need to hurry and transition to The Avengers, though, becau
    se I’m not sure if Iron Man 3 can hold its own after this. #
  • 21:09 I now pronounce you caramel apples… twitpic.com/1qi7tf #

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