Easter Memories of Leveling Up

April 4, 2010 5:48pm
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I have a very distinct memory of Easter when I was growing up.

I don’t recall the exact year, but I had gotten Final Fantasy 2 for the Super Nintendo in my Easter basket. I pretty much always got a game in my basket ever since Nintendo wandered into our house, but this was a big year because it was the first RPG that I really got hooked into. I mean, I had played the original Final Fantasy, along with probably Dragon Warrior or something, but for some reason it’s FF2 (and then later FF3 when it was released) that are still among my top favorites of all time. I think for FF2, we had rented it a couple of times, so I knew where to go and what to do up until a certain point … needless to say, I rushed as fast as I could to get caught up, then sat back and began exploring the story anew!

The single memory that stands out was getting called (repeatedly) to come have Easter dinner because the table was all ready and my Aunt & Uncle and their family were waiting, all the while I was fighting my way up Mt. Ordeals to help Cecil the Dark Knight become a Paladin. Could dinner have possibly come at any worse of a time?!

So fast forward a couple of decades and today seemed as good as any for a bit of nostalgia…

And with no big dinner to get interrupted by (Sara’s working tonight) and only the guilt of not getting as much writing done as I probably should, let’s see if I can help a young ex-Red Wings Captain redeem himself once again… 😉

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