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May 4, 2010 10:16pm
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Not sure why, but I’ve found myself coming across a lot of proposal stories lately – all of the extraordinarily geek variety. Granted, I’m still particularly proud of my own proposal at Disney World a couple of years ago, as I think one of the most important things is that it fits both of the people involved (more on that in a minute…), but nonetheless these ones still looked pretty cool in their own rite…

Proposal via Custom-Designed LEGOs
Couple is both way into LEGOs, so this dude creates a series of three custom sets – packaging and all – to highlight points in their relationship. You must click through to the pictures to really see how cool this turned out – I doubt you’d be able to tell the difference if you set his on the shelf with actual sets at the store. The bride-to-be opened each set individually, with the third one being a scene of the picnic that they were sharing that moment, appropriately enough entitled Engagement Picnic. To top it off, the box containing her ring was also made out of LEGOs, and the ring itself even featured a LEGO “jewel” … it just doesn’t get any cooler than this.

Engaged a la Super Mario World
In this case study, a fan of Mario edited one of the levels in Super Mario World to contain a section of coins that spelled out “Will You Marry Me?” As his girlfriend finished reading, she looked over to find him kneeling beside her, ring in hand. Now there’s no argument that editing a video game for your woman is hardcore, except for one little nitpick … just from watching the video, I get the impression that she’s not nearly as much into video games as he is (hence she begins the video by asking “Why am I playing this???”). Sure, it still had the desired effect, but my point is simply that I think he would’ve gotten a lot more credit for the hard work that he clearly put in if playing Mario was a pasttime that they both shared together…

A Google Maps Proposal
Unfortunately, the image has since been updated, so the link above actually points to a post that captured a screenshot rather than the original post, but basically as the story goes, dude works at Google and talks to some of his buddies on the Google Maps Street View team to learn that they’ll be shooting a particular corner on a particular day as part of another Google promotion. Taking advantage of this, he shows up (with many other people) holding a sign asking his girlfriend to marry him and sure enough, it shows up on Google Maps a few days later. Now the story continues on to say that apparently he had already proposed once (and gotten a yes), so this second time he didn’t actually tell her about it and relied on other folks to pass the word along, which seems a little weird to me, but broadcasting his intentions via Google Maps is still arguably cool nonetheless.

Proposal. Bacon.
Bacon in the shape of a heart, surrounding a diamond engagement ring. Really, what better way to start the day?! (Note: To anyone thinking, “I’d walk out if my boyfriend tried to propose to me with bacon…” – just in reading the actual post, you can tell that this chick is way into bacon, seeing as her response was, “Ok, can we eat the bacon now?” What a gal…)

P.S. Gabe’s Proposal
Almost overlooked, but I suppose one can’t talk about geek proposals without at least a mention for Mike Krahulik’s modest proposal to his girlfriend, Kara. Mike draws a little comic strip called Penny Arcademaybe you’ve heard of it?

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