“New” Year’s Resolutions – belated 2010 edition

I just realized that I still hadn’t posted these, so I’m just going to throw them up real quick and be done with them.

Now because we’re already three months in … does that mean that I only have to do three quarters of these???

Awwww shucks.

Anyways, here they are…

1. Lose weight by my 30th birthday.
I’m tired of being overweight and this seemed just as good a goal as any. Unfortunately, it means that my time is rapidly growing short, but well, let’s check back on this one later…

2. Pay off enormous amounts of debt.
This is one that I’m actually very proud about because Sara and I have done very good at not splurging too much and focusing our extra income at our bills thus far this year. I won’t give any numbers here because it’s kinda sad and it’s going to be a long road, but so far, so good!

3. Start making money with my writing business again.
I feel like I’m kind of getting to a place in my life where this either needs to start making progress towards being a career or it’s going to die away, so I’m trying to focus more on this whenever I can. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time, but I know it’s one of those things that I just have to pour ridiculous amounts of time into if I ever want it to become a reality.

4. Spend more time at Walt Disney World.
Unfortunately this one has the ability to counteract numbers 1, 2, and 3 if we’re not careful, but we didn’t spend nearly as much time over at Disney last year because Sara was doing battle with nursing school. Now that it’s over, though, I’d like to see us start spending more time there, even if just to walk around, eat dinner, watch fireworks, and randomly challenge each other’s high scores at Buzz and Toy Story Mania.

5. Spend more time with Sara in general.
Again a victim of the great nursing school massacre of 2008-2009, there was a considerable gap there when I didn’t really get to see my wife at all unless I was running her lunch to her at two in the morning or getting married to her, so now that it’s over we’re trying to do better, and frankly, this is another one where I’m feeling pretty good about it thus far. We used to go see movies like crazy and we’re starting to get into that again (as duly noted here), and hopefully numbers 4 and 6 will help here as well…

6. Explore the area to find suitable places for our house.
Now don’t get me wrong, we’re probably still another year or two off from buying a house of our very own, but as we get more debts paid off and move forward in life, this is one of several of those major life changes that we’ve got coming up ahead on the horizon so we might as well start planning for it now! We both know that we want to stay in the Tampa Bay area and I’ve got a few ideas on where to start (I’d like to be a lot closer to the city, but also near the water), so something I’d really like to do this summer and fall is really start scouting around for places where we might like to, well, settle down and *gasp* raise a family…

So there they are – let’s check back in six months (more likely 11 or 12…) and see where we’re at!

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