Political Distractions

I’ve been finding myself getting really distracted by politics these days, so instead of blogging about every little thing to come up in the news, I thought that I’d try just writing a quick summary of my thoughts on each one so that maybe I can possibly move on and do some actual work…

*fingers crossed*

While I don’t necessarily think whoever leaked everything in the first place is right, I think that there’s more good than harm that can come from shining a light on the deceit and corruption that takes place behind closed doors by our politicians. I don’t agree that outing these files is putting our troops in any more danger than the misguided orders that have them overseas in the first place, and although our government is scrambling like crazy to punish Jullian Assange for his deeds, if they follow through they might as well jail the editors of every major news outlet around the country as well … why should this be somehow different just because he’s solely running a website???

Lastly and ultimately, I find it amusing when everyone calls for Assange to be “taken out,” as if it’ll all magically go away at that point.

The TSA Blog
After the whole scan or grope debocle a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been checking on the TSA’s Official Blog every couple of days … although I’m not entirely sure why because I don’t see how anyone could trust a word that good, old “Blogger Bob” posts on that thing. Sorry, but I don’t want a sometimes-jokey, always-defensive and absolute face to the group supposed responsible for our safety in the air and the conduct that you see on that blog these days as he blatantly refutes any negative story as impossible because it’s against TSA policy is just deplorable.

Still curious to know what the current procedures are after that craziness because not for nothing, but my wife is flying this weekend and I’d prefer that she doesn’t have to get felt up as a condition for getting on the plane…

Former President Bush’s New Book
Ok, so I couldn’t really care less about the book itself – I actually take issue with books written by ghost writers for celebrities like this – but nonetheless, I guess I have been somewhat amused by some of the interviews that Bush has done in promotion of the book. I’ve listened to a couple of them while I was working and dare I say, they almost make the guy sound … human?! I’m not entirely sure why, but despite his politics, he kind of fascinates me as a person right now.

Here’s the big one with Matt Lauer that they were promoting a few weeks ago, but I think I actually like this one that he did for Facebook better. The shameless self promotion is actually pretty hilarious…

A New Stadium for the Rays
I don’t know why I always get sucked into this one because I don’t even like baseball, and yet every couple of days when our local paper publishes a new article like clockwork about somebody or other lobbying for the Rays to get a new stadium, I just get riled up all over again. Nobody wants to pay for it, everybody thinks it should be in a different place, and they’re all convinced that Tropicana Field just absolutely sucks. Everybody’s an expert…

My own personal take? I’ve only been there a couple of times, but I think you’d have to be crazy to have an open-air stadium in Florida when it’s 100 degrees and rainy during your entire season. Besides, I think they’re just being greedy wanting the ballpark in Tampa, too – it’s better for the Tampa Bay Area to spread things out across both sides of the bay. We’ve already got football and hockey – let St. Pete have baseball.

And now … back to work???

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