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May 19, 2010 11:02pm
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It seems like one of the most important things when attempting to lose weight, so it kind of makes sense that I should write about this first. And mind you, some of these points are going to be kind of hard to put down in words, but hopefully seeing them there on the page will serve as an extra reminder of why this is really, truly worth all of the effort this time around…

I’m tired of my clothes fitting too tight…
…or not fitting at all, for that matter. I hate being self-conscious about the way I look and not being able to wear something as simple as certain Hawaiian shirts that I used to because they strain around my bulbous gut these days. It doesn’t help, either, when shorts and pants are always too tight because I’m in denial of what sizes I should actually be wearing.

I’m tired of gasping when I see myself sideways in pictures or a mirror.
Sometimes it just doesn’t seem that bad when it’s from my own perspective, but when I look in the mirror and see just how large my gut really is, it’s really embarrassing. I may not see myself this way, but everyone else does. I’ve never really been Mr. Confidence when it comes to how I look, but at least not being self-conscious because I’m fat would be a good start.

I’m tired of getting winded over things that I really shouldn’t.
Stairs, long walks in the heat, other things – being overweight means that I often times find myself out of breath a lot more than I would like. I don’t care about running marathons or anything, but keeping up with the people around me would be nice. Also, eventually kids are going to be a part of my life and I definitely don’t want to be that Dad who can’t keep up with his own kids.

I’m starting to get worried about actual health issues.
I’m finally getting to the point where I feel like I’m getting older and the older I get, the more I start to realize that I can’t really write off the health effects of being overweight simply because I’m “still young.” Right now I have high blood pressure, but diabetes also runs in my family and I also really worry about heart attacks after what happened to my Dad. Life is too short as it is – I don’t want to have to worry about these things cutting it any shorter…

I’m tired of just being tired all of the time.
I know that my erratic sleep schedule is also a major factor, but lately I’ve found myself feeling really tired and lethargic in the evenings and I can only imagine that lugging around 45 pounds of extra weight has got to be at least partly to blame. I’ve felt it in the past where after a while of exercising, I’ll feel like I’ve got more energy, and even though I realize that now I’ve got farther to go to get back there, it’s still a goal because I’ve just got too many other ambitions for my days to end at 8:00pm!

I could probably elaborate more, but I think that’s the basic top five. There you have it … now just to do something about it…

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