Weekend Update

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Saturday was a nice day that I don’t get to enjoy nearly enough, in that I actually got to spend the entire day with Sara! Typically when our schedules mesh, we’ll try to fit in a trip to the mall or maybe a night out at the movies, but sleep on her part and writing on my own tend to limit our time to much more than that. This weekend was a rare occurrence, though, and it was really nice to just kick back and go with the flow – we still got some errands in, did a little shopping, and then spent some time bobbing around in the waters of the Gulf while we caught up on each other’s lives. After toweling off, we wrapped up the evening with a quaint, little dinner at a new Mexican place that we discovered, then at my wife’s humble request, endured the atrocity that is Twilight: Eclipse…

Twilight is Ridiculous
So Sara got me to sit through the first two while we were out visiting friends in Seattle and the first one was almost decent, but New Moon was pretty much a joke overflowing with teen angst and unnecessary cliffhangers. She claimed that she had been hearing good things about the third installment, however in hindsight I probably should’ve asked her to cite her sources because it was, in a single word, absolutely ridiculous.

In a nutshell, Eclipse drove me freakin’ nuts because the entire movie was basically pandering to its fan base gone overboard. To help illustrate this point, I’d like to present Exhibit A, in which people in our theater actually applauded for their respective “teams” as they each scored big hits during the battle scene. The icing on the cake, for me at least, was the scene when Edward and Bella pull up to meet a half-naked Jacob and Edward mutters, “Doesn’t this guy own a shirt?!” I’ll still admit that there’s a halfway decent plot buried in there somewhere, but at this point it’s been lost underneath so much pandering and angst that unless you’re a 13 year-old (or otherwise horny) girl, it’s hard to embrace the actual underlying story.

P.S. Team Edward rules and Team Jacob drools…

Sunday is for Cleaning
We’ve got Sara’s parents coming down to visit in a couple of weeks and we’ve really let the house become a disheveled mess as of late, and even though we don’t expect it to be spic and span by then, we’d still like to get the place a little cleaned for our own respective sanities as well. Sunday evening we started tackling the living room – found our coffee table, banished a few spider webs from the ceiling fan, and managed to throw away a bunch of stuff including about two dozen old wedding magazines that had been abandoned from two years ago! We’re kind of trying to clear out a lot of the clutter as we go, so I’m ok if it takes a little longer than normal, but the logic stands – if we haven’t used it in over a year, we probably don’t need it lying around collecting dust…

Improvements of the Aquatic Kind
I’ll go into a much more elaborated post later, but one exciting change is that I finally got around to buying a new filter for my fish tank! It’s one of those fancy, canister models that costs a fortune, but if it works to actually keep the massive pooping that my humongous fish tend to do under control, it’ll be well worth the cost. More details and plenty of pics about the setup and results so far in a separate post!

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