Who else is ready for The Celebrity Apprentice to be OVER?!

*raises hand*

And don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed this season – most of it, anyways – but frankly, seeing that Holly is going all the way to the end is simply more than just a little dismaying to me. The last couple of episodes seeing how rude she has been to Cyndi Lauper were really frustrating, so to reward that by considering to be a strong player kind of rubs me the wrong way. Unfortunately, that’s kind of the nature of this show in general and controversy tends to reign king over kindness, but it’s almost over now so I guess that doesn’t really matter much anymore.

Regardless, it’s probably pretty obvious that I hope Bret Michaels wins this thing. I worry because I’ve seen how these things go in the past and I have a feeling that Holly might fight pretty dirty in the end, but we’ll see.

All and all, though, this has been a fun season. Some of the characters – namely Bret, Curtis, Cyndi, and Maria – I’ve really liked; some of the characters – most prominently Holly and Michael, on the other hand – I’ve really hated, but never did it sloop to the point where I said that I was going to stop watching altogether … which kind of surprises me because these shows tend to get very predictable after the first few seasons. Luckily, this year they had a decent variety of personalities to keep the show going, but can they do it again next time???

Something tells me that as long as they can muster up at least half a crew of amusing C and D-list celebrities, The Celebrity Apprentice will continue just as long as Trump can continue to milk it…

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