2011 Holiday Advent Blog – Day 17 – A Quaint, Little LEGO Holiday Village…

I really love this little holiday series that LEGO started last year, first with the bakery and toy store, and now adding to it this year with the village post office – it’s like our own personal version of one of those fancy, holiday villages made out of porcelain that people work on meticulously throughout the year, although ours goes back together a lot easier if/when something breaks!

And I never would’ve believed that it would already look so expansive after only 3 sets – even though if they keep this up we’re going to have to find a bigger place to put it next year, I do hope that they continue with even just a single new set each year because it’s fun to have something special to build for the holidays and then also have some cool decorations come out of it when all is said and done… 😉

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