5 Things I Need to Do Before Year-End That I Keep Putting Off…

Holy crap – not to spook anyone, but do you realize that Christmas is going to be here before we know it?! For those of you who are juggling projects like me, that’s a mere 12 weeks before 2012 is upon us … and boy, do I still have entirely too much stuff to get done in such a short period of time…

…but that’s not what I wanted to post about today.

Instead, below is just a quick list – mostly for my reference – of some relatively minor things that I keep meaning to do, but somehow still haven’t, because earlier today I was thinking, “Boy, it sure would be nice not to carry over that list into the new year in addition to the regular, big stuffs that I’m already plenty paranoid about getting wrapped up in time!

Setup a Backup System
I’ve been saying that I’m going to setup something on my PC to backup essential files for a long time, and I think I’ve been stalled as of late because, ironically enough, the PC that we use as our home file server has a bad hard drive. Whenever I think about this, I always get caught up in the complexities of it because on top of about 70 GB of photos to backup, I’ve also got at least twice that in music and those two items alone typically pushes me into the insanely expensive category.

Eventually, I’d still love to have a fancy, multi-tiered approach where our home server does its own internal backups for EVERYTHING using an array of terabyte drives, and then the more essential stuff (photos, writing, personal documents) would also get backed up redundantly to the online backup as well. In the meantime, though, I really just need to take the hour to setup Mozy or something on my regular PC to get the photos and other essential stuff safe, and go from there. I’ve already almost lost all of those pics once – why wait for stupidity to strike the same place twice?!

Finally Finish Unpacking
Yeah, yeah – from when we moved into our new house back in the springtime…

So here’s the thing – we only have a couple of random boxes left, and we can’t unpack those just yet because there’s somewhat of a leak in our living room near the shelves where all of this stuff would go. The landlord said he’ll pay for it, however we’ve just been having a hell of a time finding somebody to actually do the work because the particulars I guess make it kind of a pain in the ass. So this one is kind of a two-parter then – a) fix the leak, b) unpack the stuffs.

Design My Own Business Debit Card
Well, at least this is more of a fun one. I used to have my business checking account with Wachovia, who recently got acquired by Wells Fargo earlier this year. I guess they have this neat feature where you can create your own artwork to put on your debit card – not just choosing from their stock imagery, but actually uploading your own photos and stuff, too, so I thought it might be kind of neat to customize the card that I have for my business transactions.

Get New Stuff for My Fishtank
So my bigger fish died a couple of weeks ago, and all that’s left is a couple of small frys and a relatively empty tank. I know that I want to take this opportunity to spruce things up a bit, however it’s been almost a month already and I have a feeling if left to my own devices this is something that’s going to end up slipping through the cracks.

Now rather than spending a bunch of extra money on fake plants and rocks, I realized today that I should have a bunch of old accessories from a previous tank still stashed around somewhere, so that might be a good start. It just needs … something new.

Buy Rental Insurance
At this point, I guess it’s really bad that we still don’t have any! I mean, we’ve had entire leases that specified how we were required to have renter’s insurance to protect our belongings, and we just never really got around to it. The worst thing is, I’ve heard in the grand scheme of things it’s really not even that expensive – maybe a couple hundred bucks for the entire year, so this is a gap that really need to finally be closed!

‘Nuff said!

Did I miss anything???

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