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Wow – I haven’t done one of these in a while!

Grey’s Anatomy is Addictive
So my wife has really been into this show lately … like, seriously! She’d nevver watched before, but somehow her sister got her hooked on it and now she’s been plowing through the DVDs like crazy … all seven seasons of them. It’s kind of hard for me to follow because whenever I come in, she’s a good two or three discs from where I saw her last, so new cast members have come and gone, and sleeping arrangements have shifted yet again, but every now and then I’ll catch myself watching through an entire episode in full because believe it or not, it seems like there’s actually some really good writing in that show.

We watched one the other day where the awesome surgeon guy has to perform a miracle for his ex-wife’s dying brother, and just the dialog between the two of them where she explains how she got through their divorce by discounting his talents, but now she needed him to “be a god” to save her brother, then afterwards thanking him and telling him they need to go back to their separate lives now … surprisingly good writing, and if I had any extra time at all right now, I’d probably be willing to sit through a few more episodes with her…

Cleanin’ Da Office
Earlier today I hit a dead spot with writing so I decided to take a break and try to clean up around my office because pretty much since we got Cleo it’s been, well, really bad! Figure when we got her, I hadn’t even completely finished unpacking yet, so there were still a couple of random boxes left to go through, and then on top of that when the little terror arrived, some of said boxes were converted into makeshift barriers to keep her from eating LEGOs and pumpkin stuff and whatnot! Now she doesn’t really come back here anymore, so I took a couple of hours to get things back where they go, and that’s one less thing nagging for my attention when I sit down to work!

I Hope I Don’t Get a Ticket…
I always assumed that the bigger the intersection, the more time they’d give you on a yellow light to get through … right? Well, my wife and I were going somewhere fairly early this morning and I think I kind of drove through a red turn light. I mean, the intersection was huge – each road is five or six lanes in each direction, with three lanes dedicated solely to left turns, and at 45 mph I realized that there was no way I could slow down before the intersection, so I went for it.

I saw the light change while we were going through it … there are so many traffic lights hanging over this gargantuan intersection, it looks like a damn Christmas display! … but no one got hurt, so hopefully there weren’t any of those pesky red light cameras around to capture the ill-judged moment on film. Don’t they have to have special signs up when the cameras are present? This one didn’t, so hopefully I’m in the clear… 😛

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