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March 14, 2011 1:31am
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So I guess I’ve probably got about 5 hours in now, total, and part of that was re-doing a section after I died and forgot to save. Ultimately, I guess I’m not quite sure what I think of it just yet – I mean, it’s great to see all of my favorite characters from the old classic, but at the same time it’s tough to tell if the plot is actually going somewhere or if it was just slapped together to rekindle an old flame.

Part of this may be due to how it’s setup – it’s not simply one game from start-to-end, but actually a series of about 10 different modules that combine to form an episodic storyline. I just completed the main / first episode (focused around Ceodore and Kain … I didn’t complete the “Challenge Dungeon” yet, though), and next will be Rydia’s Tale. I’m hoping that one has a little more umph than this one did – a lot of the characters were really weak, so it kinda felt like combat took forever.

I am still hopeful, though, as I noticed when I analyzed this earlier that unfortunately most of the other RPGs that I’d be interested in are on the DS and I just don’t think that I can handle the tiny screen for that length of time. Not sure when the next time I’ll get to play might be, for a number of reasons that I’ll get more excited about in a few days, but then again, maybe that’s actually a benefit to the episodic play? We’ll see!

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