Back to the movies – FINALLY!

Last night we went to see Arthur, which after having not really gotten the chance to go to the movies in a few months now actually ended up being pretty good. My one complaint was that it seemed kind of long (Are most comedies clocking in at 2 hours now? This seems to be a trend…), but Russell Brand was hilarious throughout and it definitely beat the stigma of the funniest parts being in the trailer.

Although the Bat Mobile scene at the very beginning that had a highlight was a riot, too!

Anyways, thankfully it looks like this marks the point in which movies that I actually want to see start trickling into the theaters once again. Boy, it was really dry there for a while, and even though I’m not super gungho about a lot of these, I’m still willing to give them the benefit of the doubt because, well, I guess I just like going to see movies…

(5/6) Thor
Least anticipated superhero movie, but still curious just because it’s Marvel.

(5/6) Something Borrowed
Chick-flick, I know, but the lead girl is kinda cute and John Krasinski is funny, too.

(5/20) – Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Even though this franchise is going downhill, I’m still morbidly curious enough to watch…

(6/3) X-Men: First Class
Actually pretty psyched about this one – the trailer looks kind of badass!

(6/17) Green Lantern
Another superhero movie that sold me with the trailer, Ryan Reynolds may surprise us with this one.

(6/24) Cars 2
Skeptical, but Toy Story 3 taught me not to judge Pixar’s ability even with sequels.

(6/24) Bad Teacher
This just looks funny, and Justin Timberlake is awesome.

(7/1) Transformers 3: Where’d Megan Fox Go???
Terrible story, but giant robots and big explosions still make it worth seeing in IMAX.

(7/15) Harry Potter and the Blah Blah Blah (Part 7-2)
So happy when this series will be over – definitely seeing this one for completion’s sake only…

(7/22) Captain America (formerly The Human Torch)
Any chance that Captain America has the same sarcastic smart ass personalty as Johnny Storm???

(7/22) Friends with Benefits
Mila Kunis was great in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Justin Timberlake is Justin Timberlake.

(7/29) Cowboys & Aliens
Mark my words – this might end up being the best action blockbuster of the summer.

(7/29) Crazy, Stupid, Love
The Office may be long dead, but at least Steve Carel has made some funny movies lately.

Did I miss anything???

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