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June 5, 2011 9:33pm
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Would you believe that over the weekend, this guy had the nerve to call me and tell me how upset he is about the situation?!

He started off somewhat sincere, stating that he felt bad about the situation and would be willing to pay for the necklaces himself to prove to me what kind of a guy he is.

Also, he swears that neither of them did it.

Also also, I don’t think he knows that their value was almost 5x what he got paid for the job.

He still wants to do the job on my roof…

…but he’s really upset about this because now the guy who he was working with thinks he’s a thief…

…and he expects me to “make this right” and clear his name because “he didn’t steal anything”…

…and he threatens to call me incessantly until I do.

Mind you, this was all left on my voicemail – I didn’t talk to the guy, nor do I have any intention of ever talking to him again. I did save the voicemail, though, just in case others show up and I need to pass them along…

The quandaries on my mind:

  • Even if you didn’t steal anything, why in the world would you want to continue working for somebody who has accused you of being a thief?!
  • Even if he didn’t steal anything, why in the world would I want to let this dude back in my house after knowing what kind of a criminal record he has???
  • What kind of an idiot calls and leaves threatening apology voicemails for somebody who’s already called the cops on you once?!?!?!

My sister in law just mentioned that she was able to get a partial insurance claim for the loss. Why can’t this thing just die now???

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