Cleo, on becoming a good dog…

Cleo’s done a lot of growing up in the last week or so.

She’s really starting to grow farther and farther away from that little puppy that we first picked up around two months ago and as Sara has been saying, she’s beginning to shape into a really nice dog. Over the last week in particular I feel like she really bonded quite a bit with us, I think, because we had some relatives in town who were knew to her, so it became increasingly clear as the weekend progressed that she was flocking to what she knew whether it was sleeping in the corner of my office or even just sticking close to one of us when everyone was all together.

She’s been friendly, but cautious with new people around her home, which all in all I think is a good thing.

Granted, she also still occasionally pees on the floor, and we’ve still got a ways to go with all of her puppy classes, but it’s kind of neat to see her personality developing as she matures and finds herself at home around us!

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