Downloadable Content (the podcast)

In my ongoing quest to find things that I can listen to while I work, lately I came back across the old Penny Arcade Downloadable Content podcast that they used to do between 2006 – 2009. It’s kind of weird – I remember originally thinking that it was somewhat boring because it’s essentially a microphone setup to record their writing process for the strips, and yet now after salivating over two seasons worth of 4th Panel episodes of Penny Arcade: The Series, it seems that I can’t get enough of this fly-on-the-wall brainstorming experiment.

I figure it’s one of two things – either the videos somehow helped me to recognize value where before it just sounded like two guys occasionally talking, or (more likely) I myself am at a more creative place than I was 4 or 5 years ago and thus whereas before I could barely bother to do any writing myself, now that I’m doing it on a regular basis again it’s actually interesting to me to hear how other folks are doing it, too.

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