Happy Holidays to the War on Christmas

I really liked this video because I think that comedian John Fugelsang does a great job of explaining why people maybe shouldn’t get quite as bent out of shape about hearing “Happy Holidays!” as opposed to “Merry Christmas!”

Is it really that wrong to acknowledge that their are other special holidays on the calendar in December that don’t necessarily correlate with your own personal beliefs? If you celebrate Christmas, then by all means wish everyone you meet a Merry Christmas, but when someone else goes out of their way to wish you well in the spirit of the season, really, who are you to denigrate the specific words that they use to do so? You’d be equally offended if companies just swore off the holidays altogether and instead put out commercials that said, “It’s December – make sure you stock up on beets…” so really, what your “war on Christmas” amounts to is simply your being upset that everyone else doesn’t just believe in the exact same thing that you do.

Sorry, but that’s not really ever going to happen, so you can either give up the crying game and learn to co-exist in a culturally diverse society, or you can pretty much plan on spending this time of great celebration for so many different beliefs instead being pouty and crabby because you can’t have your own way.

And not for nothing, but a lot of little boys and girls end up getting coal in their stockings for that kind of behavior… 😳

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