I really, really love my new phone.

February 14, 2011 12:21pm
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Even beyond all of this!

I love how it’s not overly complicated.
I also recently got a new Blackberry Bold for work and frankly, I absolutely hate the thing. It’s like they just kept cramming in more and more features without any consideration at all for useability – there’s three or four different ways to display the main menu, it took me looking it up on another phone to figure out how to unlock the keypad lock, and I actually feel like I’m more limited by all of the features just because I’m overwhelmed.

I love the apps that I’ve been playing with so far.
I found a cool app from the guys who do TouringPlans.com that shows estimated wait times for attractions around Disney World, I’ve been playing the hell out of Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, and even the WordPress integration app looks like it has a lot of potential for posting the occasional blog post remotely and managing comments. Everything just seems really visually attractive and also flows well, which is good because aesthetics are important to me.

I love how easily and quickly I can check my e-mail / Facebook / Twitter.
Before it would literally take me five or ten minutes to launch the Mobile Web app, then visit each website and hope that I didn’t get some stupid error, then login to view any updates on these sites, whereas now I can check any of them in 30 seconds or less and it’s hardly an interruption to whatever else I’m doing at all.

I’m sure I’ll have even more to gush about later, but so far I just really like this device – it seems to have been designed extremely well, the speeds seem reasonable both on 3G and wi-fi, and I feel like this is the experience that having a “smartphone” should be. It shouldn’t be confusing or daunting, it shouldn’t be ridiculously bad at handling data or phone calls – it should just work.

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