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April 21, 2011 11:45pm
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This has been sort of a hectic week – not super stressful like the past few have been, but more so just busy with lots of things to try and get done in a less than preferred amount of time. If anything, I’m realizing through all of this that it sure would be nice to have some sort of coping mechanism to help center me throughout the week.

I don’t want to get all preachy or new age, but it makes me wonder if something like meditation might help, believe it or not. I’m already doing a lot of the stretching via the yoga in my WiiFit routine, which I’m finally starting to get back into again, but on top of that I guess I’m wondering if I could benefit more from just taking some time to sit and clear my head, quiet without thinking of anything in particular.

I feel like something of this nature could help because throughout the day it seems like my mind is almost constantly whirling through all of the things that I need to do that day and that week, on top of whatever I’m trying to focus on at the moment. Sometimes it gets to be a bit overwhelming and I’ll be honest, I think that my creative process tends to suffer at that point … not to mention the sanity of me and everyone in my vicinity! Even when I lay down for bed, sometimes I’ll find myself getting up two or three times to take notes of random ideas that are floating through my head … which don’t get me wrong is great from a creativity standpoint, but eventually I do need to be able to wind down and turn it off for a while and right now, that’s kinda tough for me.

Anybody versed in meditation that can offer up some advice? How do I do it, specifically – do I just sit there, close my eyes, and try not to think of anything??? Maybe I could get a comfortable mat, some ocean sounds on CD, and go sit out by the pool or something at nighttime – I don’t know! The concept of actually figuring out how to truly relax does admittedly sound nice, though…

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