“Let those who worship evil’s might, beware my power…”

…the deceptive summer blockbuster trailer!

Finally went and saw this one last night, and as much as I really wanted it to be awesome, it just really wasn’t. Sure, the movie looked nice, even in 3D, but the plot just felt like a bunch of scenes taped together simply for the sake of limping us in the direction of the final battle … which by the way was basically the same battle that the Silver Surfer and the Fantastic Four fought against Galactus four years ago. Surprisingly, it wasn’t even Ryan Reynolds’ fault – I didn’t really see him as a superhero, but I think he performed as admirably as he possibly could given the absolutely dreadful script.

You’d think when spending $200 million to create the next Hollywood blockbuster, they could’ve set aside a couple hundred grand to hire an actual writer to write the damn thing!

TL;DR – should’ve just stayed home and watched the trailer on repeat a few dozen times instead…


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