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August 10, 2011 11:53pm
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About a year ago I blogged about getting reintroduced to enjoying video game music as actual music via Alex Mauer’s work featured on Penny Arcade TV. Since then, it seems like season 2 somehow managed to be even better than the first, with the intriguing addition that it seemed like a lot of the music featured this go around was written specifically for each episode of the show.

As it turns out, I think it was, and even cooler yet, you can now listen to a playlist over two hours long that features each and every one of the 69 tracks that musician David Pencil created for PATV on his website! Seriously, I’ve been hopping around this thing pretty much every night for the last couple of weeks – sometimes a little 8-bit Christmas music, other times a rousing fury of competitive tracks – there’s really a little of everything in there…

Definitely looking forward to picking up a copy of the soundtrack if/when it releases along with the DVDs later on this year, and with any luck maybe we’ll see a continuing role for David in season 3 of the show as well! Seriously, how do these guys keep finding such amazing people to work with for this project?!

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