Mourning for the ’80s…

July 9, 2011 3:48am
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I know I should be in bed, but I just got home from playing D&D and for the entire 30-minute drives both to and from, I was nearly bludgeoned to death with the news that my absolute favorite radio station of all time is no longer on the air!!!

That’s right – 101.5 The Point – sounds of the ’80s, and more! – has officially been axed so that the station owner can better compete with the horrible hip-hop, booty-shaking, gangsta-raping club music that already dominates two or three other stations here in the Tampa Bay Area.

In a word – this makes me very sad…

I still have fond memories of being just absolutely amazed when I first rolled into town upon discovering that we had an entire radio station dedicated to nothing but ’80s music! It was literally like I was driving around Vice City every single day, except for the whole stealing cars and shooting hookers in the head part, anyways… I had finally leveled up into the Big City where they played Cool Music that didn’t Vibrate the Car Next to You by the Third Chorus!

For the last eight years I’ve spent many an evening cruising around between beaches and theme parks grooving to the tunes of Survivor, Duran Duran, Huey Lewis, Tears for Fears, and so many other of the true classics. To me nothing said, “I love living in Florida!” like driving with the top down along Gulf Blvd., the salt water in the air and a cool breeze off the Gulf blowing in your hair while Baltimora sings of a young Tarzan Boy’s monkey business on a sunny afternoon…

It looks like it’s time for me to dive into iTunes and finally make that Ultimate ’80s Playlist that up until now, Corey Dylan and her crew had always strived to deem unncessary. Talk about a cruel, cruel summer, indeed!

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