new house pics!!!

It was pointed out recently that I haven’t actually shared much of anything regarding photos of the new house that we just moved into, so this post is an attempt to reconcile that err in judgment.

I should note that most of these photos were actually taken a couple of weeks ago before all of our stuff got moved in, but I’ll do my best to share some better ones in another month or so once we start to get unpacked and the place looks a little more inhabited…

View from the street out front – some of the garden is a little overgrown right now, but we’ve got some cool ideas to clean it up and add a little color once we get everything else in order.

My new office – note that it will never look this clean again until the day that we eventually move out…

Nice hardwood floors off the front entry to the house – this is going to become our exercise room where the elliptical and eventually WiiFit will go.

Looking over the half wall, you can see our dining room … kinda small, but we never once used the dining rooms in the last two places that we lived!

Standing in the living room – this space looks a lot bigger than the picture shows, plus it has awesome vaulted ceilings that make the whole house feel just huge.

Kitchen – a bit smaller than our last house, but we’ll figure it out!

Patio, with a view of our nice, fenced in backyard in the distance – small, but just right for the puppy that rumor has it will be wandering into our lives in about another month or so.

Another view of the patio from the other end just to give an idea of how huge the thing is – we’re really looking forward to putting some furniture and a barbecue out here this summer!

And the main selling point for the house … the pool! It’s big and it’s blue and we absolutely love it.

Finally, one last picture of our own personal oasis – I think the palms on either side of the spa add a great ambience to the area. I expect to spend a lot of evenings and go through a lot of rum relaxing out here under the stars…

So there you have it! I try not to sound like I’m bragging, but I really do love this house – it’s literally got every single perk that we could possibly want in a house right now (aside from just being on the beach altogether!) and I think it’ll do us just fine for the next couple of years until we’re finally ready to plunk down our chips and buy one of our very own. I look forward to doing a lot of cool things and creating a lot of new memories in this house, so friends and family – now’s the time to start planning those vacations to come visit!

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