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October 16, 2011 6:38pm
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Of those Tea Party-ish folks that I mentioned earlier that seem more hell-bent on discrediting the Occupy Wall Street movement and defending their favorite billionaires instead of actually stopping to hear what they have to say, sometimes I wonder if any of them would change their tune if they had any idea that the propaganda that they were peddling around was just blatantly wrong.

Earlier today I came across a particularly offense photo that was being passed around on Facebook, showing a big banner citing, “F— the Troops” followed by plenty of dialog about how all of the protestors are vile, no-class scum who don’t deserve to have people dying for them.

Trouble is, the photo didn’t actually come from Wall Street or any of the other Occupy protests – that is, unless the protestors have somehow mastered the art of time travel in one of their afternoon workshops because it was actually taken almost five years ago at an anti-war protest out in Portland, Oregon.

I mean, it’s bad enough that it gives John Stewart and Stephen Colbert recurring material to joke about every single night, but in all seriousness, wouldn’t you start to question your own beliefs if you eventually began to learn that all of your rage and aggression towards “the other side” was based on lies and things that didn’t actually happen???

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