So much to do!

Sleep is good.

Yesterday was a long day, as noted by my post that went up just after we left around 6:30am! I ache just about everywhere, and yet now that we’re officially here at our new home, there’s just so much to do…

  • Get my fish tank setup so that my fish don’t die in the 5-gallon buckets that they were transported and are now currently living in.
  • Figure out how to get our hot tub working so that we can enjoy a much needed, muscle-relaxing soak!
  • Clear out garage so that I might actually be able to park in it alongside Sara’s car.
  • Get the entertainment system & Wii setup so that I can try to get back into an exercise routine once again.
  • Clear out space around the elliptical so I can make use of that as well.
  • Go grocery shopping because we’ve been eating out way too much throughout this whole ordeal!
  • Decide how I want to design my office this time, and subsequently where to stash whatever doesn’t end up on shelves somewhere.
  • Get spare bed setup and clear out extra bedroom for when my sister-in-law will be here next week.
  • Possibly change locks, dependent on whether we get remaining keys back from old tenant or not.
  • Change of address forms a plenty!

I’m sure there’s much, much more, but in the meantime, I’m hungry and good Chinese is one of the few takeout places that we haven’t hit in the last two weeks yet.

WiiFit is gonna be so mad at me when I finally get it hooked up again…

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