the same rights, semantically speaking

I guess you could say that this is an example of when “technically correct” actually isn’t the best kind of correct

This video blows my mind for a couple of reasons. First of all, just for the audacity that Michele Bachmann has to be able to stand there and say with a straight face, “Same sex couples can get married … they can marry a man if they’re a woman or they can marry a woman if they’re a man.” Somewhere deep down in that bigoted, little brain of hers, she’s convinced herself that that’s a perfectly fair way to treat her fellow citizens and that gay people shouldn’t feel like they’re being slighted because hey, they’ve all technically got the option to marry!

The other thing that bothers me about this one is that you notice which people are actually asking the questions and trying to push the Congresswoman to give a real answer instead of dancing around with her rhetoric? It frightens me that while the kids are honestly trying to get an answer out of her, even just flat out asking her to confirm, “So you’re not going to support us then?” whereas who are pandering to her BS with applause every time she pauses to take a breathe?

The ones who are actually old enough to VOTE in the room.

I look forward to the day when these kids finally outnumber the baby-boomers so that maybe we can finally see some real change in the way politicians think around here, although it makes me sad that that’s what it’s going to have to come to for the next generation of the equal rights movement to actually see some resolve.

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