I know I haven’t posted about diet stuff for a while – life in general has just been incredibly busy, so while I don’t want to directly come out and admit that I’ve been slacking just a bit, there’s probably a good chance that I’ve been slacking just a bit!

I mean, aside from a couple of late-night dips in the pool to wind down at the end of a long day, I haven’t really done much for exercise lately – no time for elliptical’ing or anything – so I felt a little stupid upon reflecting Saturday night while I was out walking Cleo that in the six weeks that we’ve had her, that was the first time that I had actually taken her on a bonafide walk around the neighborhood. Granted, I suppose part of it can be written of with the fact that for a while she really wasn’t having her harness and leash, but after being required to wear it to her classes at Petco over the last few weeks, she’s really been doing a lot better with it to the point where there’s no reason why I can’t be taking her out to walk in the evenings a little more often.

It’s really good for both of us because it gives her a chance to go out and explore, all the while I get a little quiet time to myself because she’s distracted enough by all of her surroundings that it’s enough just for her to keep up with me on her leash! Admittedly I haven’t weighed myself in quite a while, in accordance with my new policy to avoid demoralization via statistics, but it would probably help to tip those scales back over in the right direction to set aside a little time to walk with her a few times a week … and besides, it’s not like she doesn’t need the exercise to help calm down at the end of the day, anyways!

I suppose if it can help me to shed a few random pounds towards my long-term goal along the way, then all the better…

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