Thin Post : Don’t Look at It!

So I’ve kind of been taking a new, anti-scale approach to weight loss after my latest victory leap. And it sounds a bit odd, but just go with me here for a second…

First and foremost, I still firmly believe that weighing in too often can be demoralizing because it’s hard for me to stick with it every day when I see -1, +2, -1.5, +1, etc… I personally don’t handle the fluctuations well, and especially when doing the WiiFit where they’re at the very beginning of every workout, I got to feeling like sometimes they would even set sort of a negative tone for the entire session if the results show that despite busting my ass for 45 minutes the previous day, my weight still went up slightly.

I mean, I know that it very well might’ve, but don’t tell me about it!

The other angle at least for the present time is that frankly, I’m far too busy and stressed with other projects that I’m working on right now to waste time worrying about fluctuations, or even keeping a regular workout schedule, to some extent! Granted, I know that consistency is pretty important to these efforts, but being as swamped as I am and trying to meet a new deadline of the end of June, I need to be able to give myself the wiggle room to say, “Not tonight – I need to write…” and still have that be ok. And sure, it may slow down my overall progress a bit, but I guess this is where we have to balance priorities and I think as long as I don’t gain a ton of weight in retaliation for being so stressed out, I can live with getting a little lax in certain areas of the weight loss regiment for the time being.

So simply put, my new scale schedule is roughly twice a week – once during the weekend and once mid-week, and I’m also giving myself the freedom to be a little more liberal with those if I do have a bad calorie day and eat some stuff that I’m not supposed to. Right now I need to see positive numbers whenever I step on that scale, and although I know it kind of sounds like I may be shielding myself from reality, the other priorities that I’m trying to focus on right now make that ok in my book.

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