Thin Post : I Hope That It’s Worth the PAIN!

So recently I’ve been doing a lot better as far as consistently exercising – I’ll save the full stats for my results post next week, but over the last week I’ve managed to exercise every single day so far from Sunday – Friday! That alone feels like a decent accomplishment, if anything as a good foundation for what I ultimately need to work towards (i.e. a full month of those weeks!), but Thursday night I had an interesting conversation with my wife…

As one might expect, this has been a very sore week! Particularly after Wednesday night because I was crazy and decided to do the “Island Lap” jogging run on WiiFit before I was probably ready for it, I woke up the next day hurting pretty bad. Specifically my calves, undoubtedly because I didn’t wear shoes (am I supposed to put on shoes just for that exercise?!), so I asked my wife, “I had been planning on doing a longer run on the elliptical soon, but I’m really sore – should I wait a few days to let my body recover or just suck it up and keep going?”

Her answer … “Suck it up – that’s the only way you’re going to get used to it.”

And it kind of surprised me because I had always heard that you’re supposed to alternate exercises and let your body rest and recover, but maybe that’s just a lot higher above my level and relating more to conditioning or something? My own goal right now is specifically weight loss, and thus I’m trying to workout as much as possible to maximize the burning of calories. As much as I would’ve liked to hold back and only do every other day, I seem to have better momentum doing it every day and it’s a better reminder not to eat bad foods if I consider how much more I’d have to workout later that day to counteract it!

Anyways, so the underlying point behind this particular post is simply this – I hope I’m able to actually walk tomorrow!

Wednesday I had my ugly (but productive…) WiiFit run.
Thursday I went walking with the wife, which wasn’t so bad, but still particularly focused on the calves again.
Friday I did my usual yoga and games on WiiFit and then put in another 25 minutes on the elliptical.
And today I swore I’d focus on the elliptical and do a longer session – probably 45-60 minutes…

It’s a tough balance between not wanting to burn out and put myself completely out of commission, while also pushing myself to new limits so that I can burn more calories! The ordeal won’t go down until later on tonight because I’m trying to stick to the same time each day, but if you don’t hear from me at all next week, know that I’m probably just too sore to actually crawl my way to the keyboard.

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