Thin Post : Making Time, and Getting Busy

So the last couple of weeks have been really frustrating for me on the exercise and diet front.

I mean, I think that going from February into March, I was doing really good! I was up in the double-digits of days exercised in a row and was even managing fairly well of keeping eating out down to more limited, higher quality meals, and at one point I was motivated to try and keep my streak going the entire month of March. You may recall that the stats showed 9 exercise days for January and 13 for February; well, I really wanted that number to be 31 for the month of March…

…and then, we found a new house to rent…

Granted, otherwise I’m extraordinarily happy about our move – I’m really looking forward to all of the changes and frankly, I’m really proud of us because in a way I feel like the new amenities are a well-deserved payoff for getting to where we currently are in life, and it feels good to feel like we’ve accomplished something like that. The downside, though, is that it’s been a horrendous time sink for me – a lot more than I was originally anticipating.

Now mind you, I’m typically horrible at judging time anyways – it’s a constant struggle with my creative work because I schedule twice as many things to do in a weekend than is reasonable, and then at the end I get frustrated because I’ve only gotten through a fraction of them. So managing time has never been my strong suit anyways, but admittedly I am a little extra frustrated this time because I’ve also had to watch my decent workout record that was so hard to build up get shoved to the side as well. Between sorting and packing, making arrangements, and then also still trying to meet the occasional deadline, I’ve watched my workout frequency drop from nearly every single day, to every other day, then every third day, and right now I’m honestly not even sure anymore the last time that I used the elliptical or logged into WiiFit…

I’m trying to tell myself that once we’re done with the move, I’ll get my time back and dive right back in (also, literally because we’ll have a pool!), but it’s still tough in the meantime because I do feel guilty that I’m not earning those calendar stamps every day … and also it makes me even more petrified of what the graph of my weight is going to do when I finally do start back up. It doesn’t help that I’ve been kind of stressed out by the lack of time, too, which has lead some less than honorable eating habits to come creeping back as well.

My new goal is either next week, or if nothing else, the week after to get back into the swing of things. Hopefully I don’t do too much damage to my progress between two weeks ago and then – I’d like to think that all of the sweating from lifting boxes would count for something, but the pizzas and junk food comfort afterwards are probably negating any gains there.

Stay tuned for more…?

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