Thin Post : Results – The First 8 Weeks…

The Stats
Covering the first 8 weeks – both January & February…

January February Year-to-Date
Weight Lost 3.1 lbs 7 lbs 10.1 lbs
# Workout Days 9 13 22
Average Workout Time 29 min 43 min 36 min
Total Workout Time 265 min 561 min 826 min
Average Workout Calories 189 296 243
Total Workout Calories 1,699 3,851 5,550
Max Workout Days in a Row 2 9 9
Best Workout Time 59 min 65 min 65 min
Best Workout Calories 504 602 602

What I’ve Been Doing

  • trying to better manage calories throughout the day, including limited eating out
  • stopped drinking soda almost completely (end of January)
  • now drinking 4-5 bottles of water a day instead
  • got bronchitis for two weeks in February 🙁
  • better focus on working out – WiiFit & elliptical (more so in February)

How I’m Feelin’
At this point, cautiously optimistic – I’m certainly happy about having lost 10 pounds and I’m trying to let the momentum of exercising so many days in a row keep me going, but in the back of my mind I also know that the 10-15 pound mark has traditionally been where I’ve plateau’d out just about every time in the last 7 years. Trying not to set expectations as far as how quickly the pounds will come off, but I think I’ll be more confident when I hit that 15-20 pound range and actually push past, well, the past.

Next Steps…
Big focus on working out regularly and spending more time doing it – hopefully 7 days a week for 30-60 minutes, if I can keep it up. Also continuing to eat better – less eating out, more fruits & veggies, less processed foods. I’d like to try to “normalize” my sleep schedule as well, but that’s a tough one because of my current writing projects. At least trying to be more conscious about it, though…

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