Thin Post : Riding the Wave of Progress

Yesterday I weighed in at almost 2.5 pounds less than my last post.

And you know what, it feels good to succeed! With over a quarter of my goal to lose 8 lbs by my birthday already in the bag, less than 6 pounds in three weeks doesn’t sound nearly as daunting as 8 pounds in 4 weeks … after 2 months of floating steady did merely a week ago. It’s funny how after seeing my success yesterday, I think I’ve gone out of my way to eat even healthier in the last couple of days – hell, I ate nothing but vegetables for dinner tonight … what’s up with that?!

Frankly, I think it’s really important to fully embrace moments like this for all that they’re worth because anyone who’s attempted dieting time and time again knows that sadly, there are often times way more lows than highs, or even mediocre in betweens when you find yourself stuck in plateau-land. If weight loss was easy, everybody would be thin, and with 1 in 3 adult Americans battling obesity these days, we know that’s just not the case, so if you happen to come across something that helps to give you a little extra mental motivation, why not take it for all that it’s worth?

I think I can attribute last week’s success to fairly easy factors – I walked the dog 2+ miles a couple of times and I tried to get my diet back in the realm of 2,000 calories with more natural stuff and less questionable junk. This week I hope to do more of the same – I’ve really been going through corn on the cob lately, in the spirit of the summer, I suppose, and I want to up my exercise to three nights of walks with Cleo … hopefully a little longer, too. Ultimately I’m really trying to get going without pushing myself too hard into something that I later might not be able to maintain, so we’ll see in about 24 days if it works…

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